For Outpatients

During outpatient clinics, it is not always easy to outcome the patient at the end of their appointment due to lack of time or complexity of completing an outcome form.

The OMS allows doctors to outcome their patients quickly through a simple interface, with clear options and within a small number of clicks.

For other services

Different departments can adapt this OMS to help run their services.

If you have patients attending a clinic appointment, drop in by emergency or are referred and require an outcome to be completed, then the OMS can help you with this transformation.

Outcome configuration

Specific options and presets can be configured according to different specialties.

The layout of these options together with the configuration will increase the speed of completing the form.

Monitor & action

Keep track of the appointments and admissions that have been completed or still require action.

Different flags will be shown to know what is outstanding.


Appointments or admissions can be filtered by specialty, and if clinic codes exist, they can be drilled down even further.

Simple workflow

The completion of the outcome can undergo different processes.

A doctor may complete the outcome form in front of the patient, while the secretary can view the completed outcome and reconcile them to perform such tasks as book an appointment or record re-appointment reasons.

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