Central repository for all your forms

Store and keep all your clinical audits, datasets, forms or any data collection system all in one place.

The digitization of your paper-based form, the many spreadsheets in the many shared folders, the Access database on someone's computer, or that bespoke system collecting data can now be transformed and accessible on a single web-based platform.

Role based security

Access to different audits, forms, and other data collection systems are based on the role(s) of the user.

Your role(s) will determine what you can view, create and edit.

Patient linked or anonymous

Clinical audits, forms, and datasets depending on your requirements can be linked to a patient.

This collected data can form a repository of documents and reports for the patient and be assisting with their care.

If the form data does not require this patient link, it becomes anonymous or treated as non-clinical with no patient identifying data. Typically this is for audits or to survey a service.

Fully auditable

All data entered into these forms & systems are logged for auditing purposes. Every time a change is made, the changes are recorded so anyone can see a full history. This enables complete accountability and ensures the accuracy of the entered data.

For administrators or roles that have access to system settings, all updates will be logged to provide transparency and responsibility. These changes can be reverted if any issues arise.

EMR HL7/FHIR integration

Our integration engine allows for EMR integration via HL7/FHIR. We are EMR agnostic and support all leading providers.

We are highly interoperable and provide APIs for integration of existing or new system applications.

If you don't have an EMR system, we offer EMR-lite functionality to manage your patients as well as give you all the platform tools.

Upholding standards

When all the pages and content adhere to a standard, with a similar formatting and making use of the same look and feel, data entry becomes efficient as it is now habitual.

The organization saves time and money on training staff as any new systems or content will become so familiar.

Real-time tracking & monitoring

Data collected from the many audits & system applications automatically feed the tracking and monitoring system in real time.

You will always be able to see the progress of submissions at a patient level. At a department level or higher, you can monitor the progress of all the submissions and keep track of specific cases.

Receiving notifications

You can subscribe to different audits, forms & datasets and be able to receive notifications on your mobile device.

Depending what you subscribe to, you can be notified of events like when a new submission is created, when it is approved or when certain sections are completed.

Data insights

Gain insights on all the data collected via shared dashboards. Ask questions and analyze all the data in one place.

Create key metrics or indicators and keep track of them. Export data to share and generate reports.

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