Legacy Diaries

If you are still using handwritten diaries to keep track of patient appointments, it is time to forego them and jump on the electronic diary bandwagon.

Book appointments easily and have all the details about the appointment available at all times.

Electronic Booking

Transfer your existing appointment booking form and using the calendar, just click on the date, fill in the details, and the appointment is confirmed.

View & print lists

All bookings are displayed within a calendar by default, but you can view all appointments by day or week. There are also appointment list views by a doctor and other filters.

These lists are printable, but they're easily accessible on the platform for authorized users.

Audit bookings

You can view a history of all the appointments made on the calendar system. You will be able to see when changes were made and by whom, those that were deleted, or overbooked.

Set daily booking limits

It is possible to set limits on the number of appointments that can be made during a certain day of the week.

This enables the department to control the number of patients they can see per day without overbooking.


Sometimes it is necessary to allow overbookings. Therefore the calendar system will allow this through an approval process whereby a senior authority will approve or deny the action.

No booking days

There are days when appointments cannot be made. The calendar system will allow you to mark these days and make sure no one can make any bookings.

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