All data available on one single platform

The collected data from all the audits, datasets, and the data collection systems are stored in a central repository.

This helps data analysts to query data from one primary source improving query times and refresh rates.

Create & share dashboards

Dashboards help communicate to staff an overall summary of the collected data using key metrics and pre-defined calculations.

Data analysts can custom create dashboards for different groups of users. Information on the dashboards is refreshed in real-time as data submissions are created or updated.

Built-in query analyzer

You won't need other data tools to query the data collected on the platform.

The query analyzer is a web-based system that will allow you to write queries as you would normally in other SQL-like desktop applications.

When the results come back, you have the option to export or even visualize the data.

Export data

Data can be exported via the query analyzer tool, or it can be downloaded directly from each report on the dashboard.

The data exports can be loaded into other BI systems, or it can be uploaded to other external submission systems with matching field definitions.

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