PatientDB integration engine

We will do the heavy lifting of integrating HL7/FHIR or custom EMR data feed using our integration engine.

PatientDB as a platform

Done once and used many times.

Once integration is done, any future application can consume the same patient data without having to do the hardwork of EMR integration.

Our PatientAPI also lets other authorized systems to consume patient data easily via a modern API gateway securely.

Third party developers can easily build application on top of our platform to take advantage of our built-in audit and timeline to get an aggregated view of the patient.

EMR Agnostic

We can integrate with any existing EMR via HL7, FHIR, or your custom data format for patient data.

We also support LDAP/Active Directory integration for centralized user authentication.

Use PatientDB as a standalone installation without an EMR. Though our product is meant to work alongside your EMR, we have EMR-lite features that covers basic EMR needs for smaller organizations without an EMR.

We can also assist you to move to a major EMR in the future. Contact us to learn more.

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