Complementing electronic health record (EHR) systems

Bridging together omitted and replacing ineffective applications on your EHR system

The Problem Painful & exhausting audits.
Cumbersome data collection systems.

Using paper-based forms or spreadsheets to perform clinical audits and other data collection tasks are very time-consuming. Reliance on these out of date methods and processes is inefficient and not reliable if they're not digitized and simplified.

The Problems

Our Solution Digitize all existing data collection systems. Spend less time collecting data and more time on patient care.

Complete audits, forms, surveys, datasets and obtain insight on all the data collected on one central platform.

  1. 1Central repository for all audits & form systems Access permitted audits, apps and form systems from a portal. Keep all content standardized and consistent.
  2. 3Gain insights on collected data Ask questions and analyze all the data in one place. Create dashboards to share insights and generate reports.
  3. 2Track & monitor all submissions Keep track of submissions at different workflow stages. Monitor specific submissions to ensure completeness and receive alerts.
  4. Solutions

Testimonials Review of customers

  • NHSDr J ShuteConsultant Psychiatrist It has worked very flexibly and effectively with our mental health liaison service to develop a database. They have been able to understand our needs so that it functions both as a tool for tracking referrals and actions, and as a database that we can interrogate and analyse to produce relevant data. It has really transformed our ability to deliver KPIs on time and has been fantastically reliable.

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